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Modern City

With the fundamental world digitalization, insurance enters a new digital era when changes are happening throughout the whole industry. At InsurTech Expose, we gather the business, tech companies and startups, industry consultants, agents and brokers to see the future of insurance innovation. As a partner, you’ll be a part of this process and will put your brand and expertise in front of the global audience. Talk to us about your ideas and goals to mutually develop the best partnership strategy for your company.

Brand Awareness

Place your brand to the industry frontline. We center our focus on your goals and will help to tell your story to your audience

Business Development

Meet the people and businesses to generate valuable leads - a unique format of a hybrid event gives your company an opportunity to enhance your presence at the exhibition with your home-based forces

Thought Leadership

Leverage your market influence and share your expertise with your audience by leading workshops and holding live sessions for the face-2-face and virtual attendees 

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